Why Myanmar?

It was a puzzle question for me. I was like what I was thinking to book a vacation out of the country and go to this unknown place. All I knew then is I want to be on parts unknown. Yes, that Anthony Bourdain feeling. I want to be with rare, authentic, untouched culture and Myanmar is one of the best answer. After reading few blogs, I was like “What if I go there? Then I can update Myanmar’s travel experience!!”. Travel blogs about Myanmar is fewer and less updated. This country’s tourism is fast-growing and people must know more about it. … Continue reading Why Myanmar?


Vietnam and Cambodia are popular countries in Asian history. As Social Studies and History subjects are my favorites, these are the two places I wanted to visit since I was in grade school. Their history, economy, politics and society have these alluring echoes across the continent. Impulsively, I booked a flight last February 2015. Out of nowhere, it was an 8-day streak away from home alone. Though this is not my first solo travel, nerves came in as this will be my first travel abroad! My first time to get out the country! And for me, that was huge!!!!!! Upon … Continue reading VIETNAM AND CAMBODIA – All firsts!!!!

Cu Chi Tunnels – Memories of Terror

Cu Chi Tunnel is one of the most historic places in Vietnam during the war. Now, it is a popular place visited by tourists and travelers all over the world. The tunnel is a 250 kilometer long that was built to hide and protect Vietnamese soldiers and civilians during the war. Imagine how they dug this down under and became a place for living, dining, meetings and fighting. It was like a spider web of tunnel so I think yung mga payat lang talaga yung kasya dito eh. My Cu Chi Tunnel tour is booked by my hostel. A local … Continue reading Cu Chi Tunnels – Memories of Terror