Mount Popa – Day Tour

Since I have 2 more days in Bagan, I decided to see Mount Popa. Mt. Popa is one of the sacred tourist attractions in Myanmar. It is said that Nats or Spirit Shrine is situated here. Mt. Popa is an extinct volcano and erupted on 442 BCE. It is 50 km away or around 2 hours from New Bagan. Same with Golden Rock, this is also famous to have it’s panoramic view from the summit. How did I get there? My hotel assisted me in booking this trip. I shared a taxi with other tourists and travelers. I was happier then … Continue reading Mount Popa – Day Tour

Golden Rock – One Crazy Day

The Golden Rock is one of the most sacred places to visit in Myanmar. It is rested at its summit, which seems to defy gravity by delicately balancing on the edge of a 1,100 meter high Kyaiktiyo mountain. Most of the Buddhist pilgrims from around the world come here to worship and add gold leaf to the Rock. For Filipino, these are their version of Sampaguita flowers. They offer gold leaf for their sacred Buddhist image. The rock standing 7.6 meters tall and the gilded pagoda which sits on top of it is 7.3 meters in height. It is said to cover a hair … Continue reading Golden Rock – One Crazy Day

Yangon – Myanmar’s Capital City

Upon arriving from Bangkok to Yangon, I felt that this place was very different from other Asian cities. I am welcomed by airport staff with thanakha paste on their arms, knees and faces. I was like scared. Are these pastse has something to do with black magic or any rituals? Kulto ba ‘to? Hahaha. It was an hour of travel from the airport to my hostel. I was glad that my taxi driver can speak in English and he introduced me to some tourist attractions while on the road. It was a mini tour for me. 🙂 We reached my … Continue reading Yangon – Myanmar’s Capital City