Beitou – A Steamy Hot Weekend

It was a lazy Sunday in Taipei. On that day, I had no plan where to go. All I know is after months of long working hours, I just wanted to lay in bed and binge in the internet. But travelling to new places and having a chance to see new things is such a great dismay if I will just lay in bed.

After attending mass at St. Christopher Church and buffet breakfast at my hostel, I searched for a place near in Taipei to visit. I chose either Yangminshan Natural Park or Beitou. These are accessible via MRT from Taipei. But then, I chose Beitou out of nowhere. Haha.


Beitou is a well-known sulphur hot spring area located on the north part of Taipei Baisin. Beitou is known too as one of the 8 great natural wonders and among the 12th best scenic destinations in Taiwan.


The Japanese developed Beitou as an opening stream of hot-spring inns during the Japanese era. They even built a railway branch line to access this area. Now, this place is for everyone to visit to relax and enjoy.

How did I get there?

From Taipei, I took Tamsui-Xinyi MRT Line or Red line. It took me less than hour to reach Beitou Station. I transferred to another line to reach Xinbeitou Station in less than 20 minutes.


Where are the places I travelled?

Xinbeitou Old Railway Station Museum

Just downstairs at the Xinbeitou Station is the Old Railway Station museum. The Old Railway Station is opened for operation on 1916. When opening the Tamsui MRT branch, the old railway station was carefully dismantled and then rebuilt at Changhua’s Taiwan Folk Village.


It was returned to Beitou in 2017 and reconstructed meticulously. Now, the old railway station displays old photos of the station, cultural arts exhibits, stuffs of railway guards and souvenirs.

Xinbeitou Streets

Across the Xinbeitou Station is the way to hot spring inns. If you want to soak in sulphur hot spring and on a limited budget, you may visit Millenium Hot Spring. This has the cheapest fee to relax in hot spring in Xinbeitou.


I actually wanted to soak in but the weather is too hot but that time and I haven’t brought any clothes to wear. Hassle pa to change.

Plum Garden

This was once the summer getaway home of the famed Chines calligrapher Yu You-ren. This house is built around 1930s. The spacious courtyard is covered by different kinds of trees including Plum trees.

Yu You-ren is one the greatest calligrapher of modern Chinese history. He is also a revolutionary who joined Tongmen Hui to fight against the Qing government. He launched several newspapers aiming to provide a voice of discontent among people. Today, this house is the official city landmark building. While inside the Plum Garden, rain poured hard. I had time to relax for a while and watched how rain fell on a different place instead of laying in bed on that Sunday.

Xinbeitou Park

Near the Plum Garden, you can walked down to the park to see closely a river running in sulphuric water. Under all the trees, it was a short escape from the city proper. I was just a bit disappointed that this river has trashes too.


Thermal Valley

This is one of Beitou’s hot spring water sources producing special green sulphur mineral water. The green hue and transparent waters named this place as Jade Spring Valley.


Entrance fee is free in entering the Thermal Valley. But I warned you, don’t visit this place by noontime, it felt like I also soaked in the hot spring after all the sweat I had.


It seems all my pores opened when I visited this place. It was like I really soaked on that spring since I was bloody sweating up.

After less than 30 minutes of going around the Thermal Valley, I went outside to have some lunch. It was rewarding to drink the best milk tea I drunk for the rest of my stay in Taiwan after a sweaty activity! I just love this taro milk tea!!! ❤

After of more than 2 hours of visiting Beitou, I headed back to Taipei.

Though I conquered the grueling heat outside my hostel, I am happy that I have a well spent Sunday in Taiwan.

To have an idea of how much you can spend in Beitou, here was my expenses in New Taiwan Dollar,

EasyCard Load 100
Lunch 175
Attractions (Entrance Fee)
Beitou Train Station Museum 0
Plum Garden 0
Thermal Valley 0
Total 275

5 thoughts on “Beitou – A Steamy Hot Weekend

  1. Hi Jess, was this in October exactly? Yan talaga gusto ko puntahan sa Taiwan kasi, yung hot spring. Aside from the one you featured, madami pa bang hot spring/onsen jan?


    1. Hello June. Nope, it was last year on July and I was in Taiwan last month again. Hehe. I am sure that there are other hot springs in Taiwan. It’s just Beitou is the nearest in Taipei. Search ka lang ng ibang blogs, you will find more. 😊 I will post soon my receny travel in Taiwan.


      1. Excited for your new post. Very informative. Hope you can also suggest off beaten track for people who dont like crowd. I searched Wulai kagabi. But thank you for answering all my questions.

        Liked by 1 person

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