Jiufen – A Dreamy Day and Night Tour

Jiufen is one of the prime city in New Taipei. During the Japanese occupation in Taiwan, Jiufen was developed to gold mining area. For miners’ entertainment, many tea houses opened along the hillside of Jiufen.

Tourists and travelers alike are drawn to visit Jiufen as there are movies shot like the “City of Darkness” and the famous anime “Spirited Away”. Jiufen Old Streets are also home of beautiful lanterns.

How did I get there?

From my hostel in Taipei, I took Bannan MRT line or Blue Line and jumped off at Zhongxiao Fuxing Station. I got out of Exit 2 and waited for a bus. It took me less than 10 minutes to wait for a bus with sign Keelung 1062. From the blogs I read, the bus sign will be Jinguashin but this will take you also to Jiufen Old Street.

The bus I took has the exact sign of Jiufen Old Street. No need to think about, I hit the bus and pay again using my EasyCard. It was a 2 hour drive from Taipei to Jiufen.

I forgot to tell my bus driver to drop me off at Jiufen Police Station as this is where my hostel nearest location landmark. Thus, I stopped at Jiufen Old Street and walked downstairs with my heavy backpack.


It was a sneak peak of how Jiufen looks like in daylight.


Where did I stayed?

I spent 2 nights in My Story Inn Jiufen that I booked in Booking.com. It is a small transient house with the beautiful ocean view.

The staffs are very helpful and accommodating specially Jenny, who owns the place. My bed is perfect after a tiring walk. Though it was a bit uneasy to reach the comfort rooms, everything else is wonderful. This inn also provided breakfast voucher on nearby local restaurant. I guess their clubhouse sandwich is a life saver! 🙂

After having some rest and let time pass by at my bed in Jiufen, I climbed up to see the Old Streets. Jiufen Old streets are filled with different kind of shops from clothes, movie memorabilia, kitchenware, jewelries, souvenir items and many more.



But my favorite are the food stalls! There are variety of restaurants that you can choose from. There are different kind of street food and different kinds of refreshment.

Jiufen is also a home for peanut ice cream. One of the best ice cream I ever tasted.

If you are tired of walking around Jiufen, there are many places that you can relax and just stare at the ocean view or sunset.


From the blogs I read, the three main roads to visit in Jiufen are Jishan Street, Qiche Road and Qingbian Road. For me, I never mind the names of the roads or streets, all I knew is am exploring a new place and I am enjoying it.


Markets are my favorites when I visited a country thust Jiufen is such a happy place for me.

Basically, I traveled to Jiufen to see the lanterns. From all the photos from the internet, it was just a different joy to see it by night. Now, it was a reality. As I wait for nightfall, my feet never stops to walk. There many angles to shot and many faces to see.

There is this famous restaurant in Jiufen that shines brightly in night and this was my aim to see. In front of this famous restaurant is another restaurant. It was a perfect spot to witness how darkness unfolds the beauty of Jiufen. It took me more than an hour to sip a tea in front of this restaurant but it was all worth it.


As I made my way back to my inn, the Old Streets of Jiufen showed its bright lights. The more I stayed in this place, the more I fell in love with it. It was a dreamy place.

It was like another dream came true. Another check on my bucket list in Taiwan. The true beauty of a place is indeed not be seen under the sun but also under the light of moon.

To have an idea of how much you can spend in Jiufen, here was my expenses in New Taiwan Dollar,

Story Inn Jiufen 1050
EasyCard Load 200
Breakfast 30
Lunch 100
Streetfood 100
Dinner 150
Pasalubong 550
Total 2180

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