Jaipur – The Pink City

Jaipur is known as the Pink City as for its wonderful architectures painted in pink. It is the capital and largest city in the state of Rajasthan. Jaipur was founded on 1726 by Maharaja Jai Singh II. Jaipur is part of the Golden Triangle tourist circuit along with New Delhi and Agra. It also acts as a gateway to other enchanting cities of Rajasthan like Jodphur, Ajmer, Jaisalmer and Udaipur. It is 4-5 hours away from New Delhi and 3-4 hours from Agra.

How did I get there? In my hostel in New Delhi, I asked my receptionist on how I can ride a bus going to Jaipur. He said that there were buses at Kashmere Gate. My hostel booked me a taxi to this terminal. It has the same information I read from the internet too. Since I also had good experiences with the services of my hostel, I just got my bags and drove to Kashmere Gate.

Upon arriving at the terminal, I can’t find any signs for the bus or even train going to Jaipur. I approached the Information Desk then. I was surprised to find out that there were no busses or trains going to Jaipur on that station. The Information Desk staff told me that I can get a bus to Jaipur at Sarai Khale Kahn station. ❓ ❓ ❓

I immediately went outside the Kashmere Gate to hire an auto going to Sarai Khale Khan. It was another 30 minute drive! Upon arriving at Sarai Kahle Kahn, there were ordinary buses with no air conditioning. These buses are like 10 years old already! It was rusty and uncleaned. I can ride those buses if I will travel for an hour only. But with these buses, might take days! I was very worried where I will go next. I set my mind to travel to Jaipur before 6 PM.

My auto driver told me than there is another bus station near the Indian Gate. I verified to him if those buses will head to Jaipur. He said yes. Since I don’t have any time to doubt, we hit the road again. We arrived at Bikaner House by 6:45 PM. I was relieved to see nice looking buses but I was wondering if the office is open. It seems closed. 😦

For the 3rd time, it was a success! These buses are heading to Jaipur! At last, THANK YOU LORD! 🙂 The next bus schedule was 7: 30 PM. It was a surprised as well to see 20% discount for females! Wohooo!

I met some nice locals who rode on the same bus with me. They told that I will be dropped off at the last station in Jaipur. After a bit bumpy road and one stopover, I arrived in Jaipur by 11 PM.

From the bus station, I am again uncertain where my hostel located was. I rented an auto and drove less than 10 minutes.

Where did I stay? I booked another backpacker hostel in Booking.com. I arrived safely at Backpacker Panda at the middle of the night. I was exhausted. A good sleep in this hostel was worthy! I am happy I saw a lift, I am tired walking upstairs. 😛 I was alone in my room too! This was one of the best backpacker hostel I have been! ❤

How did I get around the city? After a long sleep and breakfast at my hostel, I went down the reception. An auto driver was waiting outside.


We agreed for 700 Rupees to go around the city. We started our tour by 9 AM.

Where I have been? This time, I have lesser information where will I go in Jaipur. I just trusted my driver to go to these places,

Amer Fort

Also called as Amber Fort. A royals’ fort located at the hilltop. It is surrounded by robust and extensive giant walls. Amer Fort is comprised of courtyard gardens and colonnades. It was the first fort in India that I enjoyed the most. It was worthy to climb Amer Fort! ❤

DSCF3179 1DSCF3181 1DSCF3185 1

It has different characteristics than Red Fort of New Delhi. The architectures and structures are intricately done.

DSCF3207I was amazed by walls and windows that look like honeycombs. I was amazed too by a young guard in this fort who asked for a tip! He asked if I he can walk me to a part of the fort and took photos. After that he asked for a tip! I can’t believe it!

DSCF3216 1

As I know, he should be working for the government and should not ask for any amount as this is the part of his job. As I don’t want to argue that time, I gave him 20 Rupees.

DSCF3189 1DSCF3199 1DSCF3195 1

My auto driver told me to go back before 1 PM. But rain started to fell. I also got lost! I can’t find my way out and return to the parking area where I will meet my driver again. HAHAHA. I kept going then and actually found a spot where it looks like the Great Wall of China! Not too bad from being lost! 😀

DSCF3182 1DSCF3192 1

I returned at the parking area by 1:10 PM.

Jal Mahal

We had a quick stop at what they called Water Palace. I actually thought that I can get inside but my driver told me that it’s inaccessible for tourists. So taking photos will be better.

DSCF3237DSCF3232 1

It is located at the middle of Man Sagar Lake. The palace was renovated on 18th century by Maharaja Jain Singh II who also founded Jaipur City.

Hawa Mahal

Literally means Palace of the Winds. It looks like a honeycomb painted in red and pink. This five-storey structure was constructed in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh.  It has 953 windows located near the City Palace.

DSCF3242 1DSCF3257 1

These windows are used by female royals before to watch festivals. It is said that female royals are not allowed to join festivals so they just build these structure to see what’s happening outside.

DSCF3255 1DSCF3256 1DSCF3252 1

While browsing photos about Jaipur, this was one of the places that I really wanted to see. I actually wanted to get in but when I met Brandon, a Canadian traveler in my hostel, he said he was disappointed when he get inside Hawa Mahal. There were just stairs inside.

There were cafés in front of Hawa Mahal where you can spend more time gazing this marvel. For me, that time, I was contented to see it. I am happy that I will not search for photos in Instagram. I had my own photos there, too! ❤

Jantar Mantar

A spectacular structure with 13 architectural astronomy instruments used by early Indians to predict time and movements of the sun, moon and planets.

DSCF3261 1DSCF3260 1

It is across the City Palace which is where I really headed! But I bought the wrong ticket pass instead of City Palace. I thought it was the same. Instead of buying another ticket to see the City Palace, I just dedicated my time to see the science of Jantar Mantar. This place is declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in India.

DSCF3269 1DSCF3262 1

Since it is a bit different from the other places I have been too and I haven’t visited a museum, this place is a relief. I was happy to see that early Indians were also curious of what is up above.

After Jantar Mantar, I second thought if I will buy another ticket to see City Palace. But again, I am done with temples, forts and palaces in Asia, I opted to meet my driver again to head to another destination.

While walking, I saw a man selling kulfi. It is the Indian’s version of ice cream. I had it in New Delhi but this flavor is tastier! I guess skipping the City Palace is fine. A kulfi in my hand was better!


Albert Hall Museum

The oldest museum in the state of Rajasthan. It gives an insight of Indo-Saracenic architecture. Brandon also told me that was more beautiful at night. The fee is cheaper too!

DSCF3291 1DSCF3295 1

When I arrived there, it was closed! HAHAHA! Got nothing to do but take photos and videos. I was not disappointed that I haven’t got the chance to get inside the museum.

DSCF3292 1DSCF3286DSCF3289 1

India is a big museum of life! No need to go inside of a building to see history. The streets of India are enough. 🙂

We returned in my hostel by 4 PM. I was a bit hungry. I saw Pizza Hut across my hostel. My first order was a pan pizza and carbonara. I quickly changed my order of pizza to garlic bread. After 10 minutes, I got a box of pan pizza, 2 boxes of garlic breads and my carbonara. It seems the cashier did not understand that I changed my order.


He might think that it was an additional order of garlic breads. So I asked the staff that I actually changed my order. The cashier and other staff talked for some minutes and approached me again. The waiter said that the pan pizza is free as well the other box of garlic bread! I even got my change! In my surprise, I praised them! May God bless these people! I love Jaipur more! ❤

I gave the second box of garlic bread to my auto driver who is still outside my hostel, maybe looking for another passenger. I shared the pizza and carbonara to Brandon.

Jaipur is full of surprises from the day I arrived until day I departed. So far, this is my favorite city in India. I am happy to meet new friends and know Jaipur’s culture. Two days are not enough to see the beauty of Jaipur. Nonetheless, I know I got amazing stories to share about Jaipur.

Here was my expenses in Jaipur,


Click here for my next adventure in Abhaneri Village! ❤

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