How to apply for an Indian Visa for Philippine passport holder (and get it stamped)?

I was clueless on applying for a visa after I booked my flight to India. Such a jerk move, luh! There are few blogs written by Filipino travelers, some were posted ages ago! The information I got are the visa cost and getting visa on arrival but it was changed to E-Visa. I wanted to make sure that I calculated all my expenses as by far this trip is the most expensive!

After more research and having enough budget, I applied for my visa online. The official website is There are 5 easy steps to apply for your visa,

1. Information For Visa

These are the basic information for your arrival. Fill whatever applies.


2. Create Online Account.

Just like signing up for a social media account!


3. Visa Details



4. Payment

All major credit cards are accepted.


From all the blogs I read, visa fee is $39. I haven’t read any information for government fee. This was my first time to apply for a visa, so if this is a standard fee, SORRY, I DON’T KNOW. 🙂

I was shocked to know how much is the government processing fee. Thus, I became hesitant. I was overwhelmed to pay that much as I have paid for (what I know is too much) my air fares. So, it took me more than two weeks to apply for my visa. Basically, I got a pending application for weeks.

On the first week of my pending application, I received a promo code from the Indian E-Visa site for 20% discount on my visa fee. But for me, it was still expensive! Nonetheless, I already booked my flights and I wanted to travel in India! 🙂

Here’s the total of the visa fee + government fee,

evisa fee india

5. Confirmation

Wait until your E-Visa is approved. You will receive an email from Indian E-Visa services once done in application. They will ask you to submit a copy of your passport and a photo in white background.

I applied my E-Visa on June 6, 2017 and approved on the next day! 🙂 It was very fast! You will receive your E-Visa via email. You just need to print it and show to immigration officer once you arrived.


Tourist Visa for Philippine passport holder is valid for 60 days.  It is also recommendable to apply visa 3-4 weeks before your arrival.  No need to calculate the day of your arrival as other blogs wrote these. But if you want to squeeze the validity date of your visa, you can apply a week before your arrival.

Once I arrived in Indira Gandhi International Airport, I immediately went to the Immigration Office. There are separate counters for foreigners (sarap pakinggan na you are a foreigner 😂) who applied for E-Visa.

As I mentioned, you need to be careful in the passport information you entered upon application. Immigration Officers are meticulous on this part. At the time I arrived, there was a French group at the Immigration who had troubles upon entering India because of a single letter that was incorrect on their E-Visa paper.

The Immigration Officer did not asked me for any bank statements, hotel accommodations or how much pocket money I have, he just stamped my passport right away! 🙂

For more information in applying E-Visa, see this page – You can also send a chat message on their website. Representatives will respond in less than 10 minutes.

Hope that your Indian E-Visa will be approved smoothly! Happy travels! 🙂 ❤

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