Biliran Province – The Fourth Smallest Province in the Philippines

Known as part of Leyte, Biliran Island is proclaimed an independent province on 1992. Biliran is the 4th smallest province in the Philippines. Naval is the capital of Biliran.

It is also called as the Waterfalls Province. It is said that it has the sweetest and clearest mineral water. It’s beaches and other tourist spots are unspoiled.

How did we get there? After a good rest at Ormoc, we packed our things and hit the road to Biliran. At the terminal, there are passenger vans going to Naval. It is a 3 hour drive from Ormoc City.

Where did we stay? Again, I haven’t booked any accommodation in Biliran. HAHA. On the terminal, we walked on the market side, the nearest we saw is Biliran Island Inn. The inn is new and very near to market, stores and local restaurants. Across the inn, there is a van terminal going to Tacloban. A perfect location for us since we will return in Tacloban after 2 days.

For me, it was Biliran Island Inn that satisfies me the most on all the accommodations that we had. The bedroom is clean, water is warm, TV has cable channels and their receptionist is approachable. Biliran Island Inn offers breakfast to dinner meals in affordable prices.

Where we have been? After checking in and having some rest in our room, we went outside our inn. We met Kuya Wilbert who drives a tricycle.


We agreed to meet him on the next day and be our guide to see 3 waterfalls. My Mom hesitated to ride habal-habal so we opted to rent a tricycle.

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral – After walking for some minutes away from our inn, we went to see the Church. Sunday mass was on going. It was lively to see another Church in one day in a different place.


El Pomar Bistro Café – We had dinner here on our first night in Biliran. We are just actually walking and looking for a place to eat then we found this. The café is an old house renovated to a cozy place. I loved how it transformed in to art pieces.



dscf3290Their food is delicious and can be shared to 2-3 people. My Mom loved our meals and ambiance. It was a wonderful first night at Biliran.


Tinago Falls –  On the next day, we got up early to see Biliran’s waterfalls. The first was Tinago Falls. It was a 40 minutes travel from city proper to this falls. A motorcycle, tricycle or a small vehicle can pass by the route to Tinago. Indeed, it is hidden.


We reached Tinago Falls after less than hour. I am glad to see our first waterfall. The entire vicinity is developed.  Our guide said that tourists and locals flocked in Tinago Falls on summer. The entrance fee is cheap! Families or group of friends can bring food. Restrooms are available as well. Each falls has its own guide. This is free of charge, included on the entrance fee.

Though Tinago Falls is a more popular tourist spot now, it has this untouched vibes. The water from the falls is serene. The big rocks were like the scenery from old movies in the provinces. It will be very brave if we swum but the current is mighty! We were the only people there too!

Ulan Ulan Falls – After Tinago Falls, we went back to Naval to have breakfast. It will be another adventure on the road so we must be full. 🙂

Ulan Ulan Falls is obviously named after the water coming from above. It is like rain. It is farther than Tinago Falls. It is higher and with more depth. Seeing the second waterfall is not a joke. After a 45 minute ride from our rented tricycle.


Kuya Guide told us that before Typhoon Yolanda hits Eastern Visayas, multicabs can reach Ulan Ulan Falls. Now, you have to hike for more than an hour.  The road was muddy and steep. If your balance is not good, you might slip anytime. I was wearing slippers that time. There were times that I almost slip in a cliff. I decided to walk in barefoot.


After more than hour, we saw Ulan-Ulan Falls. It was refreshing to hear the rushing water from above. The place is so quiet and remote.  We were the only people there. We wanted to go down but the stairs was steeper this time. Everything was devastated by Typhoon Yolanda. There were branches, dried and wet leaves, rocks were unformed. We decided to gaze on the waterfall. It will be more enticing to feel it’s water but we don’t want to sacrifice our own safety specially Mom was there. We were happy to reach that far. 🙂 I was very proud of my Nanay for reaching the nearest part to see the waterfall.



As part of our waterfall chasing, we should visit Recolletos Falls. Our local guide told that is higher than Ulan-Ulan Falls. The path to Recolletos Falls is the same with Ulan-Ulan Falls. This the path that we decided not to go. We were like walking on a cliff. One wrong move and we will fall anytime. It was more dangerous to walk on this path after Typhoon Yolanda hit Eastern Visayas.

After some moments of gazing Ulan-Ulan Falls, we decided to return to our inn. To contact our driver Kuya Wilbert, here is his number 0946 4095330.

Almeria Catholic Church – After we had rest and lunch, we headed to Almeria. This is one of the municipality in Biliran Province. Almeria Church was not included on our itinerary but isn’t it great to end this vacation by visiting another Church? 🙂


On the port, there are jeeps going to Almeria. It was a 25 minute ride from Naval. We walked for about 10 minutes to see the Church. It never step on my mind that it was Monday, the Church is closed.

Nevertheless, the façade of Almeria Church is worth visiting. It’s intricate details are carved in perfection. It was a joy to include this place on our itinerary.

Almeria Coastline – Near Almeria Church is her coastline. It was a perfect spot to witness sunset in Biliran Province. We only had a few moment here as clouds became darker.


Jeeps from Almeria to Naval are occasional specially on afternoon. We rented a tricycle to return then. Luckily, heavy rain poured! We are wet all over! 🙂

On the next day, we returned to Tacloban City to catch our plane on the afternoon. It will be more fun to visit Maripipi Island, another island included in Biliran Province, but I need to consider Mom’s capability to transfer to another island. I guess, this is the reason why I can still go back to Biliran!

Biliran Island may be one of the smallest province but is packed of adventure with huge wanderlust experience.

To know more about our expenses in Biliran and on our last day in Eastern Visayas, here it is:


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