Why Myanmar?

It was a puzzle question for me. I was like what I was thinking to book a vacation out of the country and go to this unknown place.

All I knew then is I want to be on parts unknown. Yes, that Anthony Bourdain feeling. I want to be with rare, authentic, untouched culture and Myanmar is one of the best answer.

After reading few blogs, I was like “What if I go there? Then I can update Myanmar’s travel experience!!”. Travel blogs about Myanmar is fewer and less updated. This country’s tourism is fast-growing and people must know more about it. Determined, I chose Myanmar to be my next destination.

I was a bit hesitant to book a flight at Travel Tour Expo last February 2016. This was my 3rd year to queue on their long lines and waited patiently to get a great deal. It was a chaotic day, much less organized than the previous expos I joined. I also had a smaller budget this time.

Other people who wants to book a flight claimed that Cebu Pacific has the same offer on their website, so why we should queue then? But I was there, willing to wait. #hugot

The struggle was real on the queue. It was irritating that were on a line like a snake; twisted and turned around. After reaching the counter, the airline staff asked me when will be my departure and arrival. It was a tough question. Afraid, I confirmed a 15 days difference from departure to arrival!

The queue was worth it, patience was paid off! I successfully booked a roundtrip flight to Bangkok, Thailand! Bangkok is the closest city I can get in to Myanmar.

Though it was not cheaper than I expected, but definitely it was a good deal! Bangkok will be my entry and exit points to see Myanmar.

To know more about my travel itinerary, here is it! 😀

Day 1 – Arrival in Bangkok, Wat Pho visit
Day 2 – Departure from Bangkok, Arrival in Yangon, Street sight-seeing in Yangon
Day 3 – Golden Rock Tour
Day 4 – Yangon DIY Tour includes Shwedagon Pagoda
Day 5 – Bus travel from Yangon to Bagan
Day 6 – Bagan Temples and Pagodas Tour
Day 7 – Mt. Popa Tour
Day 8 – Rest day in Bagan includes Bagan Archaeological Museum visit
Day 9 – Bus travel from Bagan to Nyaung Shwe, Inle Lake
Day 10 – Inle Lake Tour
Day 11 – Bus travel from Nyaung Shwe to Mandalay
Day 12 – Mandalay Day Tour
Day 13 – Departure from Mandalay, Arrival in Bangkok, sight-seeing in Bangkok streets
Day 14 – Bangkok DIY Tour
Day 15 – Departure from Bangkok, Arrival  in Manila

I visited Thailand and Myanmar on off-peak season. Here’s the total of my expenses not to brag but to encourage you to do solo travel! 🙂


To know more on the breakdown of these expenses. Click my itinerary above. 🙂

Please take note as well that these expenses are from my savings for the last 10-months that I haven’t traveled 🙂 I just want to share my experiences and to encourage you! For those who are saying that traveling is expensive, backpacking is the answer! You don’t need to rent a lavish room, eat the most pricey food or ride a car! You just need to experience new things. I promise you, it will be worth it!!! 🙂

Backpacking in Thailand and Myanmar was such a challenge. Yet, this is how backpacking change your mind set. Believe me, you can apply this in your daily life. I am not “mayaman”, I just know how or when I can spend my money. I am not bragging, I just want you to explore the possibilities to break-free! 🙂

When I arrived in Myanmar, the pocket money I have is PHP 25k only. I borrowed 5k from my sister since I was being reluctant of the transportation, entrance fees and food budget. My RT airfare in Bangkok and Manila is paid last February using my 13th month pay (imagine December to February), my airfares to and from Myanmar is paid between May and June. I kept on waiting for promo flights but this was the cheapest I got.

Also, I never booked a private room. I flocked in dormitories with breakfasts included.  I slowly paid 3 out of 5 accommodations ahead. I also maximized my money on  food consumption. Most of the days, I had late lunch or an early dinner (sometimes ordered food good for two and took it out or I skipped it). Hindi lang halata. HAHAHA.

After all the expenses, I accomplished to save more than 6k! Wohooo! I returned the money I borrowed from my sister. I was able to eat a decent BURGER when I arrived! 😀

Yes, Myanmar is getting expensive! Yet you can still manage it!  Myanmar’s beauty and authenticity is something you can never pay. So, what are you waiting for? Explore Myanmar! 🙂


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